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Planning & Preparing

Thorough preparation precedes teaching. Every lesson is researched and structured, and is described in terms of clearly stated objectives. A plan for every subject at every stage is prepared. Each plan is complete: It includes all the points to be taught and the skills to be developed; it is detailed: each objective is precise and measurable; it is paced: Progress is charted against a timeline. The plan for each stage dovetails with that of the following stage, ensuring that nothing essential to further learning is omitted, and enabling the transition from one year to the next to be smooth and successful.

Teaching Method

The whole class is taught together , using the Point system, The key concepts of a lesson are listed. Each of these is taught interactively, Alternating oral work/individual written work/and group checking. Class time is utilized for building a solid foundation of knowledge through interacting ,analyzing, forming and expressing opinions, and effective discussion. Discussion are based on critical thinking and logical reasoning.

The various teaching methods that are used and the pace that is set stimulate students by keeping them interested and channeling their enthusiasm. When in class students learn actively: they don�t simply listen to lengthy explanations or take dictated notes.

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Follow Up

The progress of every child is continuously followed up, and students are given the support they need. All available means are used to help those who fall behind to catch up. They are advised in study techniques, motivated by the academic staff, and encouraged by receiving help from peer-tutors or teachers. In TSES, NO ONE IS LEFT TO HIS/HER OWN DEVICES.

Student Life Organization

We at TSES firmly believe that education has the power to change the world. The Springs student life organization, a distinctive and integral part of the Springs educational system, gives students the opportunity to develop �life skills that empower them to make a difference.
It is the students mini-society and prefects, who are selected not elected, who are progressively made responsible for its management. All students are encouraged to join the Springs SLO, and to take an active part in their education, both at the academic and non-academic levels. SLO officers allocate real-life tasks to students and advice and support them in all of their efforts.

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